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ASAP – ARTISTS’ RESPONSES TO COVID 19 The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Canada was announced on January 25, 2020. As case numbers increased, a state of emergency was declared on March 17, 2020. This state of emergency led to the implementation of restrictions on gatherings and commerce, impacting the day-to-day life of everyone in Ontario. Communities, schools, and […]
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TD THOR WEALTH MANAGEMENT JURIED EXHIBITION: Quest for the Environment For three years now, TD Thor Wealth Management and Quest Art School + Gallery have partnered together on an annual juried exhibition. Quest Art had run a juried exhibition previous to that, but it was through the sponsorship of TD Thor Wealth Management that we were able to take it […]
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The Lighthouse Project

What does a lighthouse represent to you? This project highlights a series of works done on postcards using lighthouse imagery. These came to us from Australia and are about creating connections during this time of social and physical distancing. Lighthouses have long been used in literature and cinema to symbolize strength, safety, individuality, and even death. Because lighthouses are constructed […]
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The Night’s Breath Responds to the Sea

Inspired by the surrealist French poet, Joe Bousquet, the works in this exhibition deal metaphorically with ideas around loss, of looking to the past, and of using personal experiences as a means of connecting to the universal through symbolic and archetypal imagery. Artists: Kasia Latos & Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez
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Not Even The Poets

The title of the exhibition is from a quote by Zelda Fitzgerald, an accomplished author, dancer and artist who has been relegated to history as the tragic, mentally unstable muse of F. Scott. Artists: Michele Karch-Ackerman, Jeanette Luchese & Tina Poplawski
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The Doris Staffen Mystery

This project looks into the lives of women painters and attitudes towards their work, influences of the Group of Seven and will be asking people for help in (i) identifying the locations she has depicted in her paintings (ii) if anyone has a painting that they know/think might be by Doris Staffen or (iii) has any additional information about her. […]
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