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The Lighthouse Project

What does a lighthouse represent to you? This project highlights a series of works done on postcards using lighthouse imagery. These came to us from Australia and are about creating connections during this time of social and physical distancing. Lighthouses have long been used in literature and cinema to symbolize strength, safety, individuality, and even death. Because lighthouses are constructed […]
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Youth Exhibition: High Art with St. Theresa’s

The grade 11 and 12 students at St. Theresa’s Secondary School organized and installed an exhibition showcasing some of their work from this semester. The exhibition is on display in the upper mezzanine at Quest from May 28th to June 17th. If you’re unable to visit the gallery but would like to see all the student’s hard work, click here.
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Justine Woods: I love you as much as all the beads in the universe

Justine Woods: I love you as much as all the beads in the universe: a garment-based inquiry into re-stitching alternative worlds of love Opening in the Project Gallery Sunday, April 24, 1:00pm – 4:00pm This exhibition engages with a praxis of decolonial love through garment construction and beadwork as a practice-based method of inquiry. The body of work centres decolonial […]
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Marli Davis: METAMORPHOSE Upper Gallery February 13th to April 17th 2022 Metamorphose (the act of transformation) is an exhibition in three parts that are all connected to each other thematically. Her inspiration comes from her fragmented Japanese heritage, and the role of home and domesticity in understanding how that has contributed to making her the person that she is now. […]
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Youth Exhibition: QuaranTEEN

Quest Art School + Gallery is pleased to partner with art students at GBDSS to present QuaranTEEN. We asked students to submit work that highlighted their experiences growing up in an ever-changing world in an effort to document and study how such a historically significant period has altered the teenage experience. As you look through the exhibition we ask you […]
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Members Only Exhibition: Till The Summer Comes

In this exhibition we invite our member artists to playfully celebrate all that is wonderful about winter time. What are the things you enjoy doing that can’t be done in the heat of summer? Where do you find that special magical beauty that can only be found when the snow covers the ground and the trees and fields are asleep? […]
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