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Call For Submissions


Quest Art School + Gallery is inviting applications to its RBC Arts Incubator Project for Emerging Artists in response to the theme of “Memory Sites/Lieux de Memoire/Endazhi-Minjimendamowin


There are places within landscapes (environmental, cultural and intellectual) where the meanings of history are actively created by some and contested by others. By addressing these “sites” as a means of dialogue and reflection, the histories from the past can provide opportunities for artists to use dissonance as a means of creating new social. artistic and creative structures, to address contemporary concerns, issues and artistic practices. We encourage artists to explore how to imagine getting away from the dominant narratives that have traditionally defined these landscapes and to use alternative forms – fables, humour, personal stories – as a way to subvert the texts of colonial authority.

The Incubator programme provides opportunities to explore different ways of knowing, expansion of artistic practice, and the non-traditional spaces and forums for presentation. The Incubator supports the work of artists who believe in the necessity to change the way we read, interpret and comprehend historical narratives and contemporary power structures and who want to explore the possibilities of imagining different frames of thinking and living.

We welcome submissions from emerging artists whose path to art-making may have begun through apprenticeships, mentorships with Elders, those who are self-taught or who received a formal post-secondary education.

We also welcome mid-career and senior artists who would like to be involved as a mentor through this programme.

Submissions from individual artists or collectives (formal or informal) can be sent to

Please indicate RBC ART INCUBATOR SUBMISSION in the subject line.

The submission should include:

A one-page statement of the idea and goal for the residency

One paragraph bio of the artist(s)

Whether you are looking to have a mentorship with an established artist(s) as part of the residency

An estimated timeline for when your project will begin and end

The Residency could take place virtually, in person, or as a combination of both, depending on the project and in accordance with COVID guidelines.

Call For Submissions – Youth Exhibition




The act of collaboration within art is an inclusive and engaging experience. Collaboration often forces us to grow as artists and expand our ways of thinking and creating. In this time, we pose the challenge of collaboration with oneself as a new way of making- using the approach of construction and deconstruction with prior works or ideas. This includes abstract ways of creating a new visionary through old art and allowing your current self to interact with your past self, using a hands-on approach.

Participating artists are asked to create an original piece of artwork that utilizes an unusual recycled medium as the base for the piece. Including, but not limited to, repurposing old works of art, and reimagining them in a new context. Artists are invited to view this as an experimental, open ended call, employing their artistic practice to reshape the narrative of their original piece.

Quest Art School + Gallery is encouraging artists thirty and under to submit their work. We will be accepting applications from young artists from local, regional, and national communities. We are interested in the development of youth in art and projects that engage with experimental, conceptual, and critical thinking from diverse perspectives.

Interested artists are asked to send submissions to, we will be accepting submissions until May 21, 2021.

The submission should include:

Title of the Artwork



Images of the completed work

Additionally, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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