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Frieda Ambroziak


Frieda Ambroziak

I am fortunate that my house backs onto 600 acres of Simcoe County Forest. I walk or snowshoe in this forest year-round. This painting was inspired while snow shoeing on an unusually warm and sunny February day.

The erratic rock in this painting is immense, almost 6 feet tall. It is amazing to think that this rock was carried to its current locale by a retreating glacier long ago.

The late day shadows create deep contrasts between the light snow and the dark rock. The bright colours in the rock, snow and the trees in the background, were enriched by the inadequate winter sunlight.

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Artist’s Statement

My landscape art is inspired by my love for the natural world.  I look for unusual landscape scenes which will result in a composition that is distinctive, and dramatic.  

I am influenced by the Group of Seven Artists, and particularly Lawren Harris, whose work is a personal favourite of mine.

My art features vibrant colours, and strong contrast between areas of light and shade.  

My landscapes are unreal, in that my depictions of the natural environment are simplified.  Clutter and unnecessary detail are left out; leaving room for the viewer’s imagination to fill in the gaps.

For me, art stirs imagination, preserves fond memories, and creates feelings of well-being and peace.

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