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Eileen Lampard


Eileen Lampard

Poem titled: My Hideaway

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My Hideaway 

This Hideaway of mine 
is a tiny beach I know 
where I like to sit 
meditating on a rock just out of reach 
water laps around it 
but it is stone-still 
anchored by its weight 
in rippled sand 

in my mind I become small 
walk the cracks and crevices
feel its history hear its inner music 
this rock caressed by gentle waves 

is calm and I know tranquility 

but other times 
wind-angry-waves dash against its sides 
striving to push it down 
its domed peak arches breaking the surface 
like a dolphin’s back willfully 
defying the weathering force 
steadfast and strong 

It stands alone 
I sit alone 

but we come together 
be it calm or storm 
rooted in a moment 
in this hideaway of mine 

Eileen Lampard