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July 10th 2022: Christian Bernard Singer: Between Earth & Sky

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July 10th 2022: Christian Bernard Singer: Between Earth & Sky

Christian Bernard Singer: Between Earth & Sky
Upper Gallery July 10th  to September 11th 2022

Since time immemorial artists have created work that has tried to articulate the ineffable; to represent the connection with whatever it was that brought our life force into existence; to explore how we are part of the world around us, and that the world also resides within us. Christian Bernard Singer’s work belongs to that legacy of art that speaks to our soul’s intuition and that asserts that knowledge and understanding of place, hope and existence lay far beyond what merely the eye can see.  Since early in his practice Singer has used the materials of the earth itself to create his meditative, provocative – in a positive sense, explorations around purpose, existence and meaning. This isn’t limited to the artistic materials of ceramic and glass but rather the materials that the earth herself has provided: earth, moss, pine needles, leaves. With sensitivity and intentionality, Singer weaves together these elements. Regardless as to whether they have been installations in natural settings or within the confines of a gallery environment, his work speaks to questions about mortality, legacy and meaning – concerns and questions that are shared amongst all of us within the human race, and that have been debated and meditated upon for millennium. Singer’s answer, or rather continual exploration, argues that the life force we seek, the legacy that we search for, the confirmation that we will continue to exist in some form, some essence or energy, comes from the connection with that natural environment.

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Eco-artist, curator, art consultant, writer and educator, Christian Bernard Singer began as a company dancer with Laura Foreman’s Composers & Choreographers Theater in New York City. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and received his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He has been teaching courses in a variety of disciplines at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) since 2006. Singer believes that public galleries should be a place for exploration and experimentation, and works with artists to push their work conceptually and materially. Exhibitions are conceptualized based on a passion for an artist's work or a thematic idea and bridges the gap between exhibition and viewer by raising ideas and questions about the work, and by inviting viewers into a compelling story that inspires the imagination to create connection and understanding. For over 20 years in his own practice, Singer has incorporated mosses, pine needles and other organic materials with glass, clay, bronze, found objects, and video into eco-installation-environments, land art works and sculptures that explore consciousness, place, and time-passing. In other words, the work emerges from disciplined presence, observation and curiosity, and searching for interconnectedness with the Natural World to help heal the planet and understand the human condition - "For even in death, there can be beauty." (Julie Oakes) His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Canada and the United States and published in 20 catalogues and books. His work is represented by Headbones Gallery (Vernon, BC) and ARTSY and is part of collections in Canada, the US and in Europe, including the AWBZ Visual Arts Collection, Global Affairs Canada.