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Camille Myles


Camille Myles

"Underwater at Awenda", an acrylic on canvas (30"X24").

The story behind this painting:

This quarantine has shown me that it’s important to be grounded and grateful for what I have, my community and my family. Spending so much time with my children, discovering our own backyard, the joys of Georgian Bay, made me feel like a kid again. Enjoying simple pleasures of swimming in Georgian Bay, having a picnic at the beach, just allowing yourself to just stop and breathe actually feels necessary. I spent so much time watching my children swim that I have become obsessed with the movement of water, it’s glistening, the reflection of the sun and ever constant movement. Every second is different, unpredictable and beautiful, just like life right now. I also made another painting representing the second before this one and it became a completely different piece. It has been an interesting reflection on change and our community.

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A "Zine" (short for magazine or fanzine) is a self-published myriad of works, including writing, painting, drawing, photography, poetry, and other creative forms of expression that is usually reproduced via a photocopier. They are usually the product of a single person or very small group of artists and surround a single theme, or celebrate the work of something that already exists. The term was first coined back in 1940 - and now, in 2020, Zines are more popular than ever. There are various intentions behind the creation of Zines. Their purpose is often to not turn a profit, but rather to provide a space for expression, developing identity, addressing pertinent issues, creating a story, or providing a space for artists and creatives alike to share their feelings on what matters most to them. This year, for Quest Art's first ever Zine publication, we prompted local artists during the month of September to consider the theme of 'Hometown Hideaways' and how locations in Georgian Bay can act as personal hideouts, community hubs, and collective centres for culture -- public or private. Artists were free to interpret this theme in whichever way or medium they desired. A very grand 'thank you!' to all those who participated, and were patient in the process of publishing their work. Click the image above to view a larger version or download the printable Hometown Hideaways Zine here.