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Available Space Art Project (ASAP)

Available Space Art Project (ASAP)

Available Space Art Project (ASAP) sees community art projects taking place throughout the region, including participatory, ephemeral, semi-permanent and permanent installation, depending on the location. This project provides opportunities for artists to exhibit their works in non-traditional spaces.

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A mentorship programme is in place offering youth from the community opportunities to participate in the development of the projects, from conception to realization.

Art in public spaces plays a distinguishing role in our area’s history and culture. It reflects and reveals our society, enhances meaning in our civic spaces, and adds uniqueness to our communities. Public art humanizes the built environment. It provides an intersection between past, present and future; between disciplines and ideas. Public art matters because our communities gain cultural, social and economic value through public art.

Why is public art important?

The arts improve the image and identity of a community.
Public art makes residents feel appreciated and values. Aesthetics is one of the top three characteristics as to why residents attach themselves to a community.
Artists are highly entrepreneurial and are important contributors to a community.
Public art allows for the presentation of different cultures and perspectives, reinforcing social connectivity with others.
Public art creates as sense of belonging. It helps people to enjoy their space and provides a positive impact on mood.