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Quest Art

For over 25 years, Quest Art School + Gallery has been committed to bringing arts and culture to the north Simcoe community.

This has been done through our exhibitions, art classes and workshops for people of all ages – ranging from preschool to seniors. We also strongly believe in the impact and value that art and culture has on our community in many other ways.

We offer the only programme in Midland available for Alzheimers patients and their caregivers. We partner with Waypoint Mental Health Services, North Simcoe Youth Wellness Hub and Community Living Huronia – offering their clients the chance to develop creativity, expression and enjoy companionship with others.

We provide curriculum-based outreach programmes to all the school boards in this area and we regularly participate in events that take place in Midland, Tiny, Tay and Victoria Harbour. Overtime, we have evolved from primarily providing hands on visual arts instruction to being an organization using visual arts as a means of social advancement contributing to the well being of our community.

Quest Art recognizes the importance that art and culture plays in the civic, political, social, economic and environmental lives of a community. We believe in the significance of art and culture as a means of social engagement and connection, providing benefits that affect individuals mentally, emotionally and physically. The activities and partnerships that we undertake provide multiple benefits including economic and downtown revitalization, combatting social isolation, inclusive opportunities for marginalized communities, greater opportunities for volunteerism, ensuring that youth are represented and have participatory opportunities for involvement. We believe in the power of art to change our world for the better.

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Mission: Inspire, Explore, Create & Innovate.
Vision: Quest is the centre for diverse visual art experiences within the immediate and larger community.

Watercolour Painting

Land Acknowledgement

Quest Art School + Gallery acknowledges, and recognizes, that it is located on land which is the traditional and Treaty territory of the Anishinabek people, now known as the Chippewa Tri-Council comprised of Beausoleil First Nation, Rama First Nation, and the Georgina Island First Nation. This territory is within the pre-confederation Treaty 5 and Treaty 16 and included within the Williams Treaties of 1923. Several Treaties of Peace were made on a Nation to Nation basis between the Crown, the Anishinabek and the Haudenosaunee peoples. The Dish with One Spoon Waumpum Belt and the Five Council Fire Waumpum Belt speak upon the peace agreements between these two Nations. We also recognize that we are located on land which was once the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat and that our community is home to many citizens of the Metis Nation of Ontario and to a large and diverse community of Indigenous peoples.

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Director’s Message: October 2020

We are definitely living through very challenging times these days. Things seem to be changing almost minute by minute and many activities that we took for granted, just a few months ago, are gone and we don’t know when we’ll be able to get back to how things used to be. This is affecting not just individuals and organizations but our communities and the very society that we are a part of.

At a recent yoga class, our instructor was using an analogy about a flag in the wind. The flag changes its shape, continually adjusting itself to accommodate for the changing direction of the wind. It may flutter, it may be pulled taut and it may swing wildly one way and then the other. But no matter what, it remains a flag. That really resonated with me and I thought about Quest Art and how we are dealing with the changes that have imposed themselves upon us.

We may have been buffeted about by the winds of COVID, we may be operating differently than we had before and we are looking to deliver our programming in new – and exciting – ways. Yet, we remain Quest Art regardless: committed to the belief of the importance of visual arts, creativity and education as being a cornerstone for any success and vibrant community. We do this through advocacy, innovation, and creation. We are NOT bricks and mortar. Quest IS its community. Quest is the volunteers, the artists, the students, the members, the patrons and the sponsors.

As long as we have our community, there will always be a Quest Art. And whatever winds may blow our way, we will adapt to them. And continue on, even stronger than we were before.