John Anderson

The View  From My End Of The Brush-John Anderson

On display January 28th, 2023 – March 18th, 2023
Painting is pretty much like breathing for me now. I started at a young age copying the works of Glen Loates and Andrew Wyeth as a teenager and it just grew from there with the increased exposure to more and more possibilities with paint. Northern and southern European impressionists along with some of the  French and Dutch painters as well as North American impressionists all have left their mark on me. The quality of light in anything I see becomes the focus of my thoughts when a painting begins. Light has an emotional statement to make as it touches things, passes by them, floods over them…it creates a colour field that allows me to enter in. Once in the the space I begin an expression of the space and the effect it has on me. Colour relationships are the voice of that illuminated space that I try to speak to that with my brush.
It’s always exciting.