Quest Art at Home (QAAH) Promotion

Quest Art School + Gallery is pleased to announce the return of its popular QUEST ART AT HOME program.

Quest Art At Home is a unique opportunity for participants to support Quest Art School + Gallery, and to enjoy an original artwork by highly regarded local artists for one year, for only $1 a day!

Quest Art uses these funds to engage children, teens, adults, and seniors through our various classes and workshops; to visit schools to bring visual arts programs into local classrooms; and feature emerging, mid-career, and professional artists through our exhibitions.

For a $365 membership, participants borrow a work of art for one year, and are provided with a one-year Quest Art family membership. This year’s Quest Art at Home art selection evening will take place on Thursday, October 27th, and the art created by over 35 regional artists is on display from September 18th to October 27th.

The participating artists are:

Bob Archer | Holly Archer | Elizabeth Baker | Cathy Boyd | Marianne Braid | Kathleen Buchan | Erin Burton | Justina Chan | Heather Collins | Allan M. Craig | Judy Goode | Marilyn Green | Deb Grise | John Hartman | David Hill | Marlene Hilton Moore | Julie Himel | Silvija Hord | Mark Hope | Sherryl Hopper | Ruth Hurdle | Illa Kellerman | Jeanette Luchese | Christine Mack | Sharon MacKinnon | Alexandra McLaughlin | Claudia Mandler McKnight | Rodrigo Moreno | Camille Myles | Sharon Nix | Ginette Pelletier | Janet Phillips | Jill Price | Ross Skoggard | Hilary Slater | Charlotte Sprague | Ann Stacey | Murray Van Halem | Dragica Vladakovic | Heather Smiley

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