Members Only Exhibition: The Art of Daydreaming

This year has been one of stillness for many, some experiencing a pace set slower than usual.
While much of its impact has been seen through a lens of loss, isolation, and suffering, it has also given us time to reimagine and focus on the positive. What connects us. What we want the world to look like in the future. What gives us hope. When we individually sit down, and allow our minds to envision a better world, a brighter and more beautiful space, and imagine something more, what does this look like to YOU?

Daydreaming is like a muscle function that exists when we choose to engage in it, when we choose to let our minds wander. Some of our most profound and definitive thoughts come from the ease that is detachment from our external tasks. It forces us inward, to a stream of consciousness that flows throughout, allowing creative and uninterrupted forms of reflection. These reflections and visualizations come with little to none of the judgements of impracticality. They reflect and encourage our own perceptions and form our realities.
These shared experiences but deeply personal visions can manifest in visions of artistry and new ways of making. What is it that you visualize? How does the importance of exercising imagination as a form of learning impact your sense of creation?

Quest Art has invited our members to participate in a virtual invitation with the theme “The Art of Daydreaming”. We have found works that are representations of these visions that present a variation of visuals that can be interpreted as dream-like pieces that provide insight into each artist.