Youth Exhibition: St. Theresa’s Student Gallery

St. Theresa’s Student Exhibition

We are very pleased to showcase the work of Annette Atkinson’s art students at St. Theresa’s High School! The students have worked very hard on each of their projects in 2020, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented a physical showing of their work. We invite friends, family, and members of the community to enjoy the work of these emerging artists in a digital space! 

This gallery includes the work of:

Ruby Hopkins (Gr. 12)
Anabella Visco (Gr. 11)
Bailey Pittman (Gr. 12)
Katelyn Adams (Gr. 11)
Jennaifer Hagerman (Gr. 12)
Jenna Brillinger (Gr. 12)
Avery Herriman (Gr. 11)
Jacob Duncan (Gr. 11)
Ashley Erochko (Gr. 11)
Adeline Desroches (Gr. 11)
Chloe Stewart (Gr. 12)
Aliyah Robinson (Gr. 12)
Emma Fuller (Gr. 11)
Emilie Garneau (Gr. 11)
Selena Granger (Gr. 12)
Erika Ransome (Gr. 12)

Student Gallery