Upper Gallery February 13th to April 17th 2022

Metamorphose (the act of transformation) is an exhibition in three parts that are all connected to each other thematically. Her inspiration comes from her fragmented Japanese heritage, and the role of home and domesticity in understanding how that has contributed to making her the person that she is now. Within the installations, she has taken everyday objects that have been used across generations, as well as family rituals and traditions, to explore those elements of connectivity and meaningfulness that continue on throughout the years. While these items and traditions have personal meaning to her as the artist, they provide an impetus for viewers to consider their own histories and to understand how what may appear to be unique and personal are always situated within larger social and cultural contexts. At a time when many people are working to reclaim family histories and traditions, the works in Metamorphose offer guidance through their exploration of art, science and spirituality within a personal narrative.

Marli Davis is a multicultural and interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her research-intensive practice borrows scientific and spiritual ideologies to conduct art-making in strategic phases, reminiscent of ritualistic laboratory experimentation. Establishing a practice within this convergence of ideologies provides Marli with the necessary outlets to execute intimate investigations throughout her work. Seeking topics that introspectively challenge the self; many dealing with the mapping of her fragmented cultural discourse. The artist begins to embody the examiner’s role; addressing and systematizing gaps within her lineage through video, painting, sculpture, installation and publication. In 2019, Marli studied abroad in Florence Italy and has obtained various awards and scholarships throughout her education. In 2021, she received a BFA from OCAD University; emerging with a dedicated passion for academia. Marli is currently partaking in selected art exhibitions, residencies and forum events, while actively learning within the art industry through mentorship and different career building opportunities. 

Metamorphose is an exhibition of work by Marli Davis, as part of our RBC Incubator Programme

Marli has been mentored by Christian Bernard Singer who has curated over 75 exhibitions of national and international artists, including three major retrospectives. Throughout, he has championed artists who push boundaries, materially and conceptually, while opening pathways to meaningful and resonant experiences for viewers. Until 2017, he was Senior Curator of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery and for over five years, he served as the Curator/Artistic Director of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. Before this, he was Director of the 2005 Contemporary Art Forum – Kitchener & Area (CAFKA), Curator and Associate Director of Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art until he co-founded Rouge Contemporary Art Projects where he remained as Director and Curator until 2009, bringing Judy Chicago: A Survey of Important Works (curated by Virginia Eichhorn) – the first large-scale survey exhibition for Chicago ever to come to Canada.   

Quest Art gratefully acknowledges RBC Foundation’s core support for the Incubator Programme.