Breathing Air – Bonnie Devine, Lisa Hirmer, and Don Russell

Breathing Air

Opening April 24th to July 3rd 2022.

Like a breath, this exhibition is a simple and honest response to the atmosphere of the
present moment, a world of air barely seen but deeply felt, alive and complicated all
around us.

Air is a noun but it is also a subject. Breathing is a verb and also an adjective. There are
many ways to read Breathing Air, just as there are so many ways to breathe. Forests
breathe. Lungs inflate with every inhalation and release warm air with every exhalation.
The Earth’s atmosphere is forever in exchange with every being alive on this planet.
Through breath we are vulnerable but also connected.

Three multi-disciplinary artists, Bonnie Devine, Lisa Hirmer, and Don Russell, consider
the properties of the air, breathing, and simply being in our world.